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Repair Services
Sun Valley Body and Paint
1939 Main St, Ramona CA 92065

Cosmetic Repair, Straightening ,
Polishing and painting.

With our reconditioning tools, proprietary paints and clear coat process, we can remove curb rash, scrapes, gouges and discoloration caused by age. It’s a specialized process that ensures a match with the undamaged wheels.
There are many variations of standard silver wheel finishes depending on the concentration of metallic within the paint. More metallic generally gives off a brighter finish, while less metallic yields a flatter finish. There is also a class of finishes known as hyper silver.
Sun Valley Body and Paint is a professional and highly skilled in matching all these finishes. Polished aluminum wheels can also be brought back to like-new condition.
Powder Coating
Sun Valley Body and Paint offers powder coating. The powder material is applied with an electrostatic gun. The gun Imparts a positive electric charge on the powder, which is then sprayed towards the grounded object (wheel) by compressed air and then accelerated toward the object by a powerful electrostatic charge. The powder comes in a wide range of colors and finishes and is extremely durable and long-lasting

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